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Visa Requirements


  • Original, signed United States Diplomatic or Official passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity, after completion of stay in Vietnam, and contain at least two blank visa page
  • Fully completed online and signed application form – http://visa.mofa.gov.vn
  • See attached new procedures to obtain Vietnam visa
  • Passport-type photographs: 1
  • Passport must be signed
  • Must include name and title of person replacing PCS
  • Visas issued for exact dates requested on (VAN) visa approval number
  • M/E visas issued for assignment only
  • Visa valid 90 days S/E
  • Must have visa approval number before visa will be issued – must contact POC in the country.
  • Traveler’s Post of assignment must obtain and provide the confirmation number

As of April 8, 2014: Application is Online 


Click here for online form or visit: http://visa.mofa.gov.vn

Impotant note: 

(1) choose ENGLISH language (top right corner);

(2) place of visa submission and collection should be VIETNAM

(3) Field with (*) is compulsory.

(4) If you can not fill in the visa application on line for some reasons, please send an email to [email protected] for assistance.




Minimum Processing Time –   7-10 Business Days

No more Same Day Processing.


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