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Visa Requirements

Travelers have to go through OIP for visa requests and Pakistan support letters. Please see the updated Agency information attached and POC for OIP. Travelers should reach out to Austin to ensure they have the correct forms. Questions can be directed to Austin for assistance.

OIP POC: Austin Waring ([email protected]), 202-472-8074


New Pakistan Visa Application Process

  • Travelers completes the Pakistan visa application and visa letter table and sends to OIP for review (documents attached to this email)
  • OIP reviews the travelers Pakistan visa application and returns the edited version to the traveler
  • Traveler sends the following documents to OIP via email:
    • Signed Pakistan Visa Application
    • Pakistan Visa Support Memo (signed by your USAID POC on USAID letterhead) *OIP provide the memo to be signed by home agency
    • Passport Bio Page
    • Passport Picture
  • OIP submits visa application through the Pakistan visa application website (NADRA)
  • OIP sends electronic visa to the travelers


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