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Tourist and Business Visas 

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Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

Visa Procedure To apply for a visa, the following steps need to be taken:

  • Visit http://e_visa.mfa.ir
    In the section titled “Individuals and Travelers”, click on “Apply Now”
  • On the right side of the page, carefully review “Important; Before You Start” section
  • Click on “Start a Visa Application”
  • In the “Visa Type”, you can choose “Tourist”, “Pilgrimage”, or “Family”. If you need to apply for other types of visa, your travel agency should apply for it on your behalf.
  • Follow the steps to complete the application
  • When finished, “Visa Application Submission Notice” will appear on your screen
  • Print it and send it along with your passport and money order to the Interests Section of Iran in Washington, DC. Notes:
    – We do NOT accept pre-paid return envelopes. So, please add $40 postage fee to the visa fee before you obtain a money order.
    – Money orders should be made in US dollars and payable to the “Embassy of Pakistan”.
    – Each package should include the documents of parents and/or their children ONLY.
    – If you are applying for “Entry” visa through an agency, you need to send in your “Visa Grant notice” along with your passport and money order.
    – Travel agencies can send up to only 5 passports per package.
    – “Family” category applies only to the spouse and children of Iranian women whose marriage is registered with Iranian legal system.

Visa Fees
USA $80 tourist
$120 expedited or double entry
$160 expedited and double entry

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