Due to the pandemic there are some changes in visa and passport requirements. Please call our office for updated information


Diplomatic and official visas

Classified Visa And Passport Services

+ ** As of 02/22 per Embassy applicants must create a profile, apply/fill out an application online, print and Sign with original wet signature for submission**


(Paris, CG Marseille, Con Strasbourg)

Visa Requirements

  • Original, signed United States Diplomatic or Official passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity, after completion of stay in France, and contain at least one blank visa page
  • 1 Fully completed Online, Print and signed Visa form 
  • Original Wet signature on the last page of the visa application
  • Passport-type photographs:  2- Neutral expression – No smiling! Visa photos must conform to the requirements. Non-compliant photos will cause an application to be rejected. 1 photo stapled to application, 1 paperclipped to the back of the passport. 
  • Title and purpose required
  • Visa required for Diplomatic/Official passport holders transiting to France who leave the airport
  • Must include name of person replacing for PCS
  • Include copy of passport data page and any page noting validity of passport
  • Visa forms must include phone number and e-mail addresses
  • Obtain visa for first POE

NOTE: French visas are accepted for all Schengen States with the exception of Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Minimum Processing Time –   7-10 Business Days TDY, 20 days PCS

TDY: can take 2-3 weeks up to 2 months for assignment travel.

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