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(Canberra, CG Melbourne, CG Perth, CG Sydney)

Visa Requirements

  • Original, signed United States Diplomatic or Official passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity, after completion of stay in Australia
  • E600 Online application – visit or for business visitor purposes:
  • Applicants must apply for visa ELECTRONICALLY
  • Must create an account and complete the online application.
  • Visa approval will receive 24-48 hours.


Australian Diplomatic Visas – Application Instructions

These instructions are for requesting diplomatic visas for:

  • United States Government personnel who are being posted to the US Embassy in Canberra, or a Consulate-General in Sydney, Perth or Melbourne; and
  • International Organisation personnel who are being posted to IO offices in Australia.

Applicants do NOT need to send their passports or hard copies of applications to the Australian Embassy. Applications must be emailed to [email protected]

Australian diplomatic visas are issued electronically in Washington but must first be approved in Canberra, Australia. Please allow at least 10 business days for approval. DEFENCE Attachés must be approved by Australia’s Defence Department – allow at least 4 weeks to process.

All of the following are required to apply for a visa: 

  • A cover note from the US Department of State requesting the diplomatic visa(s) to be issued (in pdf format – total file size must be less than 400k). 
  • For International Organisation personnel, the cover note must be from the International Organisation.
  • Copies of the biodata page of the posted officer and every family member (in pdf format – total file size must be less than 500k).
  • A completed “Australian Diplomatic Visas – Officer and Family Information” form (in MS Word format).
  • Please note that the diplomatic title the officer will hold must be entered (in addition to the actual functional title)
    • A full position description; and 
    • A curriculum vitae of the posted officer
    • A curriculum vitae of the proposed Consul-General 
    • A full curriculum vitae. Apply at least four weeks before planned travel to Australia

Please Note:

  • The “Australian Diplomatic Visas – Officer and Family Information” form must be emailed as an MS Word document (not a pdf).
  • The cover note and passport biodata page should be in pdf format.
  • We cannot send incomplete applications to Canberra for approval.

Email completed applications to [email protected]

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