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(Brasilia, Con Recife, CG Rio de Janeiro, CG Sao Paulo)

Visa Requirements

First step – Complete below Information as well as the Order form (attached) so that we may provide you with the State Department letter that you need to upload when completing the visa application online. 

Applicant Information: 

    •          Name (name as it appears on the passport): 

    •          Passport Number: 

    •          Passport Issue Date: 

    •          Passport Expiration Date: 

    •          Date of Birth: 

    •          City/State or Country of Birth: 

    •          Gender (M/F): 

    •          Functional Title: 

    •          Traveling to which City/Country: 

    •          Purpose of Travel: 

    •          Dates of Travel (Entry and Exit date):

    •          Date of Departure from U.S.: 

    •          Contact in Brazil or entity extending the invitation:

    •          Locations in Brazil to be visited (cities) 

Second step – we will send the State Department letter via email as soon as we receive it then you can start the visa application online.

Before completing the Form, please read carefully the instructions below: 
– Must upload a digital copy of your photo, signature and other documents to your application process.
– The completion of the Application Form is the first step of the application process.
– After you submit your application, a Receipt is generated. The Receipt must be printed and signed by the applicant, and the original documentation must be presented at the Brazilian Consulate where your visa application will be processed within 90 days.
– To start a new Visa Application, click on the button “Start New Application” on the bottom of this page.
– To continue an application previously saved or to retrieve and change an already completed application, click on the button “Continue Application”. 

– Please note that some of the fields of the Application Form are mandatory.
– Please note that the upload of your photo and State Department Letter is mandatory.
– After the completion of the Form, click on “Complete Application” to receive an application number.
– Print and sign the Receipt.
– Even if your photo has been uploaded to the Application Form, you must provide a printed copy of it. Glue your photo in the corresponding field of the printed Receipt. Follow the ICAO standards (see instructions below).
– Bring or submit the printed Receipt, along with the original documentation, to the travel office for submission to the Brazilian Consulate where your Visa Application will be processed.


  • Original, signed United States Diplomatic or Official passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity, after completion of stay in Brazil, and contain at least two blank visa pages
  • Application form must be completed ONLINE, DOWNLOADED, printed, and SIGNED with original Wet signature.
  • Must upload the State Letter and a copy of the signature
  • https://formulario-mre.serpro.gov.br/sci/pages/web/pacomPasesWebInicial.jsf
  • Signature on form and signature in Passport must match
  • Passport-type photographs: 1 DO NOT STAPLE PHOTO
  • Title and purpose required
  • Visa valid length of stay
  • (2) Copies of  State Cover letter must be submitted (1 original 1 photo copy)
  • Submit immunization record showing yellow fever vaccination.
  • Age 3 mos. – 6 yrs. Submit immunization record showing Polio vaccinations
  • Item # 24 must include address of Emb/Con/ConGen
  • Diplomatic note required for Assignment
  • No visa required for Transit
  • No visa required up to 90 days
  • PCS needs the following
    • NOTARIZED copy of birth certificate-(for minor dependents only)
    • NOTARIZED copy of marriage certificate-(for dependent spouse only)
    • NOTARIZED copy of passport bio pages of all travelers

 For Dependents Only 

  • Notarized Copy of Diplomatic Permit of the sponsor
  • Notarized Copy Of Bio Page of both Parents 
  • Notarized Copy Of Travel Consent Form
  • The money order should say” Consulate general of Brazil” 
  • Transit point to Paraguay


Minimum Processing Time –   7-10 Business Days

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