Due to the pandemic there are some changes in visa and passport requirements. Please call our office for updated information



Diplomatic and official visas

Classified Visa And Passport Services

Update Starting September 17, 2021:

Diplomatic/Official/Regular Tourist/Business visas will be processed via their e-visa/online application ONLY and then they will receive the confirmation/approval of the visa after 15 business days, they will have to print and travel with it in hand.  



Visa Requirements

  • Please request for EXPEDITED when rush service on the letter and also MULTIPLE ENTRY 
  • Original, signed United States Diplomatic or Official passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity, after completion of stay in Bangkok, and contain at least two blank visa page.
  • Fully completed and signed Application form
  • Passport-type photographs: 2 DO NOT STAPLE, PASTE ONLY
  • Visa valid six (6) mos. M/E
  • No visa transits up to 12 hours
  • Photos must be 2×2, no Photostat copies
  • Purpose of travel needs to be specific
  • State Department Letter (we provide)
  • For dependent minor – need birth certificate copy and parent’s residency card. 
  • Spouse different last name – MUST PROVIDE A MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE.
  • Detailed purpose of travel must be provided, for PCS, must provide name of person replacing.
  • Due to the new Standard of Procedures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to process their request travelers need to fill out an online application at https://thaiembdc.org/onlinevisaapplication/ Once the applicant obtains all the new requirements listed below. 


New procedure issuing Diplomatic and Official visas during Covid-19 situation:

  • First step, the US Embassy in Bangkok sends a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Dept. of American and South Pacific Affairs) along with a Declaration form to obtain Certificate of Entry (COE) .
  • At this step our colleagues in Bangkok will go into details of what information needed to attach with the letter.
  • Second, once COE is approved, then the Embassy can accept and approve the visa applications.
  • However, apart from our normal practice, the Embassy will need additional documents, namely COE and confirmed Air ticket or chartered flight.
  • The applicant will have to show COE, Health Certificate (Fit to fly – 72 hr before flight departure) to the air carrier as well as Thailand’s immigration points. (hard copy version is preferred)
  • Self – quarantine for 14 days.


For PCS –

  • to apply for long-term residency -Thailand MFA requires that the Dip passport be valid for the entire assignment.


Procedures for obtaining a visa

1.If the applicant does not have a valid visa or re-entry permit, the applicant must fill in the information and upload all required documents online at https://www.thaievisa.go.th/

2. After successfully apply with the Thai E-visa system, please download the “Appointment receipt” (Click here to see How to download Barcode from Evisa) from the system and then mail the following original documents directly to the Embassy / Consulates-General to request the issuance of an appropriate Visa. (For instructions, please check https://www.thaievisa.go.th/static/English-Manual.pdf )

2.1 An official Note issued by the Department of State or International organization.

(Please note that only an official note from DOS is applicable during this time. A note from DOD or other U.S. agencies will not be applicable.)

2.2 A letter from the DOS / International Organization affirming that the Embassy/International Organization responsible for healthcare or medical treatment expenses including COVID-19.

2.3 A confirmed reservation of Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) (Please check the list of the alternative state quarantine hotels at www.hsscovid.com or www.thaiembdc.org/asq)

2.4 other required documents that the applicant submitted through an online application.

2.5 Self-addressed return envelope. (Please note your own tracking number in order to track your package once the visa is being mailed back)

*** Please also note that Diplomat/Official/UNLP passport holders who wish to change the flight or ASQ and need a new COE should text to 202-431-0882 stating the subject as DCIO – request for change of COE and request the new COE and state your Full name***

3.At the departure airport, the approved applicant is required to present

3.1 A “Certificate of Entry into the Kingdom of Thailand”

3.2 A Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected, issued no more than 72 hours before departure

3.3 ***From 14 January 2021, all travelers who have received COEs are required to download and register via the ThailandPlus Application. They are required to show a QR code generated from the registration via the Application to be scanned by the Thai authority upon arrival in Thailand. To download, CLICK HERE*** (For more information, please check ThailandPlus Eng or watch the video here)

4.Upon entry to Thailand, Travelers arriving in Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic must present the following documents

4.1 COE

4.2 Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected, using RT-PCR test, issued no more than 72 hours before departure

4.3 ThailandPlus Application

Minimum Processing Time –   7-10 Business Days

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