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Tourist and Business Visas 

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Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

  • Any person who wishes to get an entry visa to Benin is encouraged to visa the following website: https://www.evisa.gouv.bj and follow the steps detailed hereunder:

    You must visit the website: https://www.evisa.gouv.bj

  • Provide your personal information (full name, date and place of birth, etc.)

  • Select the appropriate type of e-visa and then select whether you would like to have a visa affixed at the Embassy or upon arrival at the airport in Benin

  • Enter your travel information (date of arrival, length of stay, accommodation, etc.)

  • Provide your passport information (Passport number, period of validity, etc.)

  • Pay online with credit/debit card

  • Print the e-visa. You must keep the e-visa with you and present it at the request of competent border control officers, especially upon arrival at border inspection posts and during your stay in Benin, if needed.

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